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emotions and anxiety and kind of push through that without making mistakes is probably going to win. >> if i wasn't working i probably wouldn't be here. >> i have head about a lot of quarterbacks that have not slept very well. for me, i did. i probably slept as well before a game as i ever had. >> we think about a good night sleep tonight at 11. >> we will bring you that tonight at 11. send it back to you in the studio. >> joe montana said he doesn't like going to these games unless
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he is working. is it too stressful? >> he is kind of a reserved guy. he is joe cool. he doesn't want the spotlight. it's all about kaepernicking. wouldn't you love to see 3 kaepernick touchdowns tomorrow? you want to see it. >> i want to see it. >> there are still ways to get tickets if you are willing to pay. they range from the price of about 1,000 bucks to $10,000 to a seat in a suite. >> we have a front row seat to all of it and an exclus i look at the niners last practice today. lucky you. >> although with the ticket prices, maybe i will sell my front row seats tomorrow.
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the 49ers had their final walk through earlier tonight and only 1 reporter was allowed in to see it and guess who? matt. he was the reporter who was chosen by the football writers association of america. he was allowed inside the super dome to witness the final walk through. what did you see? >> the lights will never shine more brightly on the 49ers than they will sunday. >> what caught jim harbaugh's eyes are that the lights in the super dome seem brighter than they did in the regular season. they had an 18 minute walk through. the players signed autographs and posed for pictures. kaepernick posed for a lot of pictures with non-family members. through this, jim harbaugh says that kaepernick remains the same
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player, completely unwaivered. >> nice work with the final look at the 49ers before. coming up later. now we will send it back to you live. >> all right. thanks very much. >> super bowl is boosting business for companies all around the bay area. 1 grocery store says sells are third to 40% higher than last year. restaurants are so busy that they have had to turn down catering orders. people who want to start super bowl celebrations early. >> it's going to be live, energy, just going off the hook. niners everywhere screaming, shouting, chanting, singing. it's going to be great.
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>> bars have been warned to be careful how much alcohol they serve. they want to avoid what happened last year. and stay with us for complete super bowl coverage on air and online including wall to wall coverage following the game. >> there is new information tonight in the death of a 13-year-old girl whose body was found in a park. the girl's foster family reported her missing thursday. that witness is a homeless man by the name of eric may. police say he was questioned by investigators. police are in the process of reviewing footage. we will have more on this case tonight at 11:00. >> oakland's popular first
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friday turned deadly. the shooting happened just before eleventh. 2 groups of people who were downtown got into a confrontation in a parking lot. an 18-year-old man was killed. a 7-year-old boy and 2 women were killed. police are urging the dozens of people to come forward with information. so far they say they haven't made a connection. >> a warning for twitter users after an attack on the associate immediate yoo site. we will explain. >> and a hot streak. 1 big thing that is motivating the team tonight. >> teams eating up but the weather is cooling down. we saw highs today in the fifty 0s and low 60s. noticed some showers across central and southern california. we will let you know if any of the showers will be part of your
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>> city leaders teamed up to try to prevent crime today. held at the center for employment training today giving gang members a way out.
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about 30 members of the community showed up and they credited the success to san jose's inclusive approach. >> the task force has been recognized, too. we rorked together with everyone, the agencies, the police, the county, the district attorney's office. >> san jose has seen a spike in crime. they hope community members take action by coming to an event like this 1 and trying to reverse the trend. >> twitter is asking people to change their passwords. hackers may have gained access to information on about 250,000 users. >> the company is also asking users to change their passwords just in case. >> a live look over san
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francisco tonight. remember that song the answer is blowing in the wind? who is going win the super bowl? >> there's no question. it's the niners. >> and a change in the forecast. >> it seems like bay area sports teams are on a winning streak. more coming up in a live report.
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>> first we have the giants winning the world series and don't forget the sharks
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undefeated so far. a look at tonight's game going for number 8. >> hello. the bay area is on a roll here. already people are lining up even though the game doesn't start until 7:30. >> now the sharks are on their best run in franchise history winning the first 7 games of the season. this is video from earlier today that we got. tonight if the sharks win, they will be 2 games away.
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they are excited to see how well the team is doing on the ice. since many of them are in jn, they are also thrilled to see the 9ers in the super bowl. they say it's a great time to be a sports fan in the bay area. >> hopefully the words are, too. hopefully all the teams are in the play offs. maybe niners will win and the sharks. we'll see. >> everyone seems to be just working this year. everything seems to be going well. >> we have the best weather so we have to have the best team. >> thank you guys. we caught up with some of the sharks players who say they are happy for the 49ers. they will be on the road in anaheim tomorrow. some players told us they will be paying very close attention to the super bowl and routing for the niners. first things first is tonight's
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game at 7:30. >> thanks very much. a huge turn out to show support for cappkaepernick. families enjoyed their own bbq and more. even kaepernick hot dogs named after the quarterback. on the eve of the game here were some of the words of encouragement. >> we're proud. go collin. go niners. >> we're extremely proud. >> to top it all off, the city's mayor proclaims that collin kaepernick is a 49ers weekend. >> hundreds of people converged today to start getting ready for the aids life cycle ride. the largest annual fundraiser.
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today was the kick off party. the ride is not for a few months. >> we have an expo going on where people can learn how to fix their equipment. a lot of excitement and energy. >> there is still plenty of time to register a team this year's ride takes place from june 2 to june ought. >> and now the forecast. >> looks good here. let's take you out to new orleans right now looking live outside the super dome. this time tomorrow night will be very excited as we celebrate a 49er's victory. earlier tonight we had red and gold in the sky. temperatures now cooling down.
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let's show you a comparison between what we're seeing right now for new orleans. a little muggy right there. san francisco will also have a sea breeze. low 50s around most of the bay area. winds on shore. too much tomorrow will also spill in some coastal lows. very likely tomorrow morning we will wake up with mostly cloudy skies. good news in terms of air quality. so air quality tomorrow should be a little bit better than what we have seen for the last couple of days. partly cloudy skies or partly cloudy skies depending on how you look at it. big changes. highs are going drop down into the low to mid 50s. right now satellite radar shows you the high clouds during the
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day. it cools off and your daytime temperatures. clouds coming in at night. most of us will probably see lows in the 40s. probably have to invade and then the sunny breaks should get a sense of the low 6 ods. 8:00 and you can see the areas of low clouds. and then during the afternoon, as those bbqs are underway we will see 50s and 60s. so our temperatures here tonight mostly 40s. and some patches of low clouds. during the day tomorrow. highs were in the upper 50s.
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about 63 in pleasanton. cooler though, upper 50s. 3 days. very, very interesting. heading into monday. these will be the warmst days of the week. everything changes come wednesday and thursday. maybe snow how showers as low as 3,000 feet. you will feel the chill. >> i like that. >> still ahead, the field taken over by a bunch of mudders. coming up.
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>> thoses of women took over candle stick park. >> people say they love it because it's not competitive. it's a way to build friendships and it raises money for the national breast cancer foundation. >> that was the first stop of a tour of the dirty girl mud run. >> she meant that, too. you can tell. >> time now to check back in live in new orleans right now. >> coming across a lot of fans out here as well. coming up later in sports we will talk about 1 player who
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might be an x factor. it's maybe a counter part to take over come tomorrow night.
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>> live in new orleans. we are less than 24 hours away from the big game. >> a huge tradition of football. several hall of famers.
6:24 pm
they were hoping to add several more. >> with the stables full of talented full of rubbing backs, and that was only after the toom lost for the year with an ankle injury.
6:25 pm
in the championship game he is proving they can only get better. >> he continues to grow each and every week. he has a better understanding of the offensive end. we have got a great feel for the game. >> i feel like i know everything about the offense. i know the adjustments. i feel like we are ready to spread the offense. i think it really helps me out. >> he is fast and quick and he runs with power for how little he is. i mean there is a lot of things for the fans.
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>> when the nfl called and asked if we would come down here to help out the als foundation, it was a no-brainer to us. we get treated like royalty around the country and these guys deserve that treatment. and be the impact he is having now on all of these lives and really changing the course of the conversation. >> so that is it here from new orleans for now. plenty more coming up later tonight. we have the live special quest coming up live from the big easy at 9:00. the entire crew plus more sports at 11. we will send it back to you.
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>> what's going on behind? looks like you're at quite the party. >> there better not be any ravens fans behind me. a lot of 49ers fans. there are 4 stages here jazz goi going. >> that 49er quarterback.
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>> had to break down the discipline. it sets a bad example. >> you will see how the flight on to the golden gate bridge raises more questions about the hidden culture of the guard.
6:29 pm
>> tonight, a 7-month investigation by nbc bay area exposing a disturbing culture in the california guard. we have talked to more than 3 dozen current and former guard members and they say top leaders are not properly addressing cultural problems with sexual assault, retaliation and racism. >> i

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